Cambridge Investment


We think everyone should have one ! A WISHLIST, or a strong vision of the things truly important. It is essential if you want to live the life of your dreams. Let me tell you a story. About ten years ago I saw a movie called "The Bucket List". The movie starred Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman and was an ok movie. However, the concept of the movie profoundly affected me. It's the story of two men in their 60's who came from widely different backgrounds, but ended up in a hospital room together, both diagnosed with terminal illness. They create a bucket list, things to do before they die! Then they proceed to do them together, one by one, to create the experiences they have always dreamed of but never had the courage to try !  Money as money has no value and cannot be taken with us when we go, but our experiences and memories and pleasures are embedded in our brains and hearts and perhaps even our souls!


We believe that a strong vision of the future draws you towards it like a magnet and helps you to achieve the milestones that create the vision. We believe our business is to help our clients create this vision, deeply personal to them as a first step to a Financial Plan. We then construct a game plan to deliver these specific goals, as long as they are feasible based on the resources available.


We want to talk about what makes you special, help you create a clear personalized vision, and then work with you towards achieving these goals. Many will talk a good game in their ads, very few will actually follow through with service. It's easy to see why. The people who write the ads are not the people who go to work for you! 

An independent firm like ours, writes their own message and deals directly with you!  No high pressue sales pitch, no fancy promises, and no bs!

At the end of your life satisfaction and happiness will come from memories of a great life lived on your terms, not from Portfolio Performance!  Someday we all have to go. We think with our approach, on that day you'll have fewer regrets. Retirement is primarily about ENJOYMENT not investments ! 

We have restructured our business so we can work with our ideal clients. They are financially very successful, with superior income and assets that place them in the top 5% of the US population. They value money but not above life and their primary focus is living the life of their dreams, with their family along for the journey, NOT what the portfolio returns are, day to day, compared to the Dow Jones average.

If you share our views give us a call. We would like to share our dreams with you!

The above is Sunandan Sen's personal view of the Advisory Industry, not all may agree.  If you agree, call us.  We may find a caring, mutually beneficial and profitable relationship which will remain for a very long time.



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